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Vanillesauce / Vanilla Sauce

German Vanilla sauce

Often sweet dishes and desserts come with a vanilla sauce in Germany. While one can buy it in Germany like in a milk jug,

or as a powdered mix to make it either as a cold sauce or warm, here I haven’t found anything like that. A very simple method to make a warm vanilla sauce though, is to use a package of vanilla pudding mix and just double the amount of milk, or – if you don’t want to end up with too much sauce, just use half of the package.

Here is, how to make vanilla sauce from scratch:

German Vanilla sauce

Vanillesauce / Vanilla Sauce

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Course Dessert
Cuisine German, International


  • 1 vanilla pod
  • 25 g corn starch
  • 50 g sugar
  • 500 ml milk


  • Slice the vanilla pod in length and - using a knife - scrape the vanilla out of it's center. Use the rest of the vanilla pod for vanilla sugar (see other recipe).
  • Mix starch and sugar in a small bowl and about 3 tbsp. of the milk.
  • Add the vanilla and mix it to the starch bowl.
  • Bring the remaining milk to a boil - careful! Don't set heat to high and observe closely, stir milk frequently to avoid any setting on the bottom of the pot.
  • When the milk starts boiling, remove it from the stove and stir the starch mix from the bowl into the pot.
  • Bring the sauce back to the stove and bring back to boil for lass than a minute while stirring constantly.
  • Let sauce cool, stir every now and then and use either warm or cold.
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  1. Roland Peschl

    5 stars
    I have tried this with your Dampfnudel and is excelent, all our friends in South Africa allways ask, “when we getting Dampfnudel and Vanillecremesause”

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