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caramel apple cake

German Caramel Apple Cake (Pie)

Caramel Apple Cake (or pie) brings all the wonderful flavors of Fall together. It makes a great appearance at the Thanksgiving table, too. The cookie-like crust compliments the delicious caramel ...
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Obatzda muffins Oktoberfest

Obatzda Oktoberfest Muffins

Obatzda Oktoberfest Muffins bring the taste of Munich's Oktoberfest into your home or to your party! Obatzda is a cheese spread that goes very well with hearty bread or in ...
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beer dessert Oktoberfest

Oktoberfest Dessert “Beer Mug”

Look at these sweet beer mugs: I can't believe it's not beer! Two Jell-O flavors mixed and then topped with a divine lemon cream! Looks like real beer, right? The ...
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loaded ham rolls mashed potatoes

Loaded Ham Rolls with Mashed Potatoes

Loaded ham rolls with mashed potatoes is my goto recipe when I have little time to cook ...
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wedding cake recipe

Baking My Marzipan Wedding Cake … 25 years later!

The 25th Anniversary is called the "silver wedding" (Silber Hochzeit) in Germany. My husband and I just reached this milestone and I surprised him with ... our wedding cake! Of ...
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mustard eggs

Eggs in Mustard Sauce – Traditional German Recipe

Eggs in Mustard Sauce are also called mustard eggs. This recipe is a childhood memory that I probably share with a lot of Germans since it is often served in ...
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chocolate hazelnut ice cream

Chocolate Hazelnut Ice Cream

Chocolate Hazelnut Ice Cream is delicious and very typical for Germany. What pecans are for the people in Texas, that's what hazelnuts are for Germans. We bake with it, cook ...
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strawberry cream cake recipe

Strawberry Cream Cake

I've been baking this strawberry cream cake for the last couple of weeks many times and I thought I should not just share the cake with my friends but also ...
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Buckwheat Cake with Cranberries and cream

Buckwheat Cake with Cranberries (Lingonberries)

This traditional Buckwheat Cake with Cranberries (Lingonberries) comes from the region called "Lüneburger Heide", which is in the north of Germany, just south of Hamburg. It is a rather rustic ...
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roasted veggetable with peanut sauce and tofu

Roasted Veggies in Peanut Sauce with Crispy Tofu

"Roasted Veggies in Peanut Sauce" - that doesn't sound German! Well, after asking on Facebook whether my followers would be interested in this recipe, there was a lot of interest ...
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Fried Egg Cake

Fried Egg Cake for Easter

German Easter is all about eggs, carrots, bunnies, and lambs and therefore food is prepared like the fried egg cake to fit these topics. It is surprising, how real it ...
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homemade skyr

How To Make Skyr from Scratch

Skyr is a somewhat new addition to the American dairy ails and it is very similar to our German Quark. But it is quite pricy at the store and you ...
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Crispy Bavarian Pork Roast

Crispy Bavarian Pork Roast with Beer Sauce

Crunchy, crispy pork roast the way it's done in Bavaria and as the cherry on top: Beer Sauce! Feels like Oktoberfest on the tongue. You can't ask for more, right? ...
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vanilla pudding swirls

Vanilla Pudding Swirls

Sometimes I really miss pastries like Vanilla Pudding Swirls (Vanille Schnecken) from a German bakery. I never had to make them myself since it was so easy to just grab ...
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leek soup

Creamy Leek Soup

The first recipe I was taught in school was this creamy leek soup, aka Cream of Leek. It is very easy to make, delicious, filling, and also very gentle on ...
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creamed spinach recipe

Creamed Spinach – German Style

Wonder how to make delicious creamed spinach? Look no further, I have the perfect recipe for it! Even if you hate spinach (I think I know why), try this recipe ...
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Vegetable Soup with bell pepper and meatballs

German Vegetable Soup with Meatballs

There are basically no limits to soup variations but a German Vegetable Soup comes with a basic recipe that then can be expanded by whatever you want to float in ...
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peppernut recipe

Peppernuts – Pfeffernüsse

Pfeffernüsse, or Peppernuts in English, are typical Christmas cookies in Germany and the pepper is not just in the name! ...
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baked apple mulled wine recipe

Baked Apple Mulled Wine – Bratapfel-Glühwein

Glühwein - mulled wine - comes in several different versions and Baked Apple Mulled Wine is my translation for a Bratapfel-Glühwein. It is a particularly delicious spiced apple wine that ...
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stuffed potato pancakes

Potato Pockets / Stuffed Potato Cakes

Potato Pockets or Stuffed Potato Cakes are often found on the menus of less formal and lower-priced restaurants. Made at home, this meal is gentle on your budget and still ...
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Recipe for beer crescent rolls

Beer Crescent Rolls

Learn how to make Beer Crescent Rolls in just a few simple steps. They are so delicious, fluffy, and crisp! ...
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Kraut Crullers German Kraut Krapfen or Wickel

Kraut Crullers / Kraut Rolls / Krautkrapfen

Kraut Crullers are so good and I would never have expected that filling noodle dough with sauerkraut could be that delicious but it is! ...
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Oktoberfest Crispy Pork Hock

Oktoberfest wouldn't be the same without a delicious pork hock, crispy and juicy and with some dumplings and sauerkraut on the side. Pure bliss! ...
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Pretzel Rolls Pretzel Braids

Soft Pretzel Braids / Pretzel Rolls

I love pretzels but I like soft pretzel braids even better! They are so fluffy and much easier to eat with butter or other toppings. With this recipe, you can ...
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mocha cake recipe

Mocha Cream Cake

Did you know that Germans drink more coffee than beer? Coffee is part of our breakfast, keeps us upbeat and alert throughout the day, and is also an important part ...
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whole wheat bread

9 Grain Walnut Bread

This Nine Grain Walnut Bread has all the benefits of whole grains and nuts and tastes so amazing that everyone loves it, no matter what you put on it ...
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Toast Hawaii

Toast Hawaii

It's often the simple things that give us comfort and Toast Hawaii is such a simple thing. An easy, open-face sandwich that won over German families in the 50s and ...
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Donauwellen Danube Waves Cake

Danube Waves Cake – Donauwellen

Danube Waves Cake is the translation for Donauwellen, a German cake that has several layers and somewhat resembles the waves of the river Danube ...
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campfire stick bread stick stockbrot

Stick Bread: Campfire Bread on a Stick

Stick Bread is in a way also a breadstick but the name comes from the fact that it is baked on a stick over a campfire ...
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fruit bars recipe

Fruit Bar – Fruit Slice Snacks

My Fruit Bar Snacks are based on the German treat called Fruchtschnitte or Obstschnitte. You can create countless variations of it, starting with my base recipe ...
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german candy

German Candy “Nippon”

German Candy is delicious and I miss it quite a lot! Care packages from Germany are expensive and often take weeks to get to Texas, so I found ways to ...
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Wurst Salad

Bavarian Wurst Salad & Swiss Wurst Salad

Wurst Salad is very similar to the Fleisch Salad that I posted a while ago. At least, some of the ingredients are similar but it is made with a vinaigrette ...
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Onion Pork recipe

Onion Pork / Onion Beef – Zwiebelfleisch

This recipe for onion pork might be the big hit at your next potluck. Easy to make and delicious in many ways, it is perfect to please a crowd. You ...
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german cabbage salad

German Cabbage Salad – Kraut Salad

Our German Cabbage Salad is probably the equivalent of the American Cole Slaw. It is served as a side dish or in sandwiches, and also valued as a party salad ...
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Rustic Rolls Recipe

How To Bake Rustic Rolls

We have so many different, wonderful bread rolls in Germany that it's often hard to choose! These rustic rolls are my favorite when it comes to pairing them with savory ...
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german potato salad

North German Potato Salad (with a cool Hack)

The North German Potato Salad contains mayonnaise and differs from the South German Potato Salad which is made with a vinaigrette. It is probably a lot closer to what Americans ...
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white asparagus soup

White Asparagus Cream Soup

A staple of the German soup selection is the asparagus cream soup. It's a very common soup in restaurants, especially during spring when it's asparagus season in Germany ...
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the best Schnitzel with potato salad

How To Make A Perfect Schnitzel

The perfect Schnitzel has a gap of air between the breading and the meat, it is also crisp on the outside and soft & juicy on the inside. Here is ...
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white asparagus recipe

White Asparagus With Sauce Hollandaise

White Asparagus with Sauce Hollandaise is the German's favorite spring dish! Harvested fresh from the fields and sold at farmers markets and the grocery in May and June, it marks ...
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rhubarb meringue cake

Rhubarb Meringue Cake

Springtime is rhubarb time and I love this rhubarb meringue cake that we make in Germany. It's pretty easy to make and tastes heavenly! ...
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carrot cake recipe moist

Carrot cake with Spelt Flour – super moist!

This is - hands down - the best carrot cake one can bake! It is moist and delicious, has nutritional value and even looks beautiful. It is also easy to ...
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VErporten Advokat Eierlikoer

Verpoorten (aka Advocaat) & Verporten Latte

We call it Eierlikör, here it is called Verpoorten or Advoacat and I have talked about this in some previous recipes. We especially enjoy this Egg-Schnaps during Easter. Like so ...
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German Meatloaf "Falscher Hase" (Fake Rabbit)

German Meatloaf “Falscher Hase” (Fake Rabbit)

Meatloaves are kind of international, I guess, but of course, this German Meatloaf has to have a weird name: Falscher Hase - Fake Rabbit! ...
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Russisch Brot - russian bread cookies

Russian Bread (cookies) – German Alphabet Cookies

When I was little, I called Russian Bread “ABC Cookies”. These crisp cookies come in the shape of our alphabetical letters, just like the Alphabet Cookies here in the US ...
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sour beef

Sour Roast – traditional German Pot Roast “Sauerbraten”

Sauerbraten is translated to Sour Roast and is a German pot roast with a slightly sour taste for the meat and also for the gravy. To counter the sourness of ...
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German Cheese Cake

German Cheese-Cream Cake – Käsesahnetorte

Käsesahnetorte - in English "Cheese-Cream Cake" is the cake that you will always find in a German bakery! It's a staple on a German coffee table and beloved by all ...
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dairy quark

How to Make Quark in the Oven

It is not coincident that I am already publishing my third version on how to make Quark. It just shows our German obsession with it ... and its importance in ...
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Chcololate bonbons

Strawberry Yogurt filled Chocolate Bonbons like Yoghurette

Strawberry Yogurt filled chocolate bonbons are the new chocolate-covered strawberries! If you want to show your significant other some love for Valentine's Day, you should try this recipe! ...
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Mutzenmandeln recipe

Mutzenmandeln – Carnival Donuts

Mutzenmandeln get their name from their shape: The word "Mandeln" means "Almonds" and these sweet carnival pastries are shaped like almonds ...
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rye crispbread recipe

Rye Crispbread – Roggen Knäckebrot

Crisp Bread is originated in Sweden so I won't claim it's a traditional German bread. But crispbread is very popular in Germany and there are many, many different versions of ...
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9 grain porridge

9 Grain Porridge – 9 Korn Brei

My mom was totally into healthy food, which didn't always make us kids happy. An exemption was this delicious breakfast porridge and even my kids would never guess, that something ...
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cream potatoes German

German Creamed Potatoes

With German creamed potatoes, you get a very delicious comfort food for cold days. There is quite a bit of cream involved but that is one one of the ingredients ...
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Berliner Krapfen Beignets

Berliner Krapfen or Berliner Pfannkuchen (Beignets)

Berliner Krapfen are sometimes also called Berliner Pfannkuchen (pancakes) but I know them just as "Berliner". That's also what you are saying when you buy them at a bakery in ...
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German Tree Cake Recipe

German Tree Cake – Baumkuchen

The German Tree Cake is made from layers and layers of caramelized cake batter with a hint of rum and marzipan taste. It's a delicious piece of art that we ...
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crisp baked camembert

Crisp Baked Camembert

Baked Camembert with a crisp breaded layer around is a wonderful comfort food in winter. My husband and I enjoyed it often when we lived in Germany ...
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Speculaas Cookies Oreos

Bake the Best Speculaas Cookies: Spekulatius Vanilla Oreos

You might know Spekulatius Cookies as Speculaas Cookies or Speculoos Cookies here in the US. They originate in the Netherlands and are thin, crisp cookies that ususaly come in the ...
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Dresden Stollen Dresdner Stollen

Authentic Dresden Stollen – 3 Versions in 10 Steps

Dresden Stollen / Stollen with Marzipan / Mohn-Stollen (like Mohnstriezel) Stollen is the traditional German Christmas Bread for the "Adventszeit" - Advent time. Starting four Sundays before Christmas, Germans start ...
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Labskaus recipe

Labskaus – Hamburg Style

Labskaus is a typical Northern dish made from potatoes, beef and beets, accompanied by a herring, fried egg, and some pickles. It's a sailors eat and you'll very likely find ...
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fishcake recipe from Hamburg

Fish Cakes Hamburg Style Recipe

When I'm in my hometown Hamburg, a Fish Cake is an absolute must-have during my visit! Fish Cakes - or Fischfrikadellen as we call them - are best near the ...
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Franzbrötchen pastry

How to bake Franzbrötchen – beloved Cinnamon Pastry from Hamburg

Franzbrötchen are a beloved traditional specialty from Hamburg and the original is only available in Hamburg. You will not find this in bakeries in other parts of Germany though a ...
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apple jelly recipe

My famous Apple Jelly – Best Fall Recipe

If you cook this Apple Jelly (Apfel Gelee in German), your entire house will be wrapped in a wonderful scent of apple cider! Cinnamon, apple, and vanilla will be in ...
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Pretzel Dumplings

Pretzel Dumplings with Mushroom Cream Sauce

Pretzel dumplings are comfort food and when they come with a delicious mushroom cream sauce, a culinary dream comes true. These two things just go so well together, it's like ...
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how to bake grain rolls

Grain Rolls

"Bring me some Grain Rolls!" said my husband, when I left for the bakery. That was last year while we visited Germany. Our vacation apartment was in the center of ...
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Black Forest Cake Recipe

Black Forest Cake

The German Black Forest Cake is world-famous. The name seems to be related to the region of the Schwarzwald but it's not necessarily the origin of the cake. There are ...
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lemon yogurt cream

Refreshing Lemon Yogurt Cream

Lemon Yogurt Cream is the perfect dessert on a warm summer day! Enjoy this fluffy and refreshing treat to stay cool and enjoy the summer, no matter how hot it ...
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Nürnberger Bratwurst / Nuremberger Sausage

Nürnberger Bratwurst looks like breakfast links but they are different and taste so much better! The spices - and mostly the majoram - make this sausage so very delicious! ...
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Almond Crescents

Almond Crescents or Horns / Mandelhörnchen

A sweet treat that Germans like to grab at the bakery, is Almond Crescents or Almond Horns. Mandelhörnchen - that's their German name - are pure bliss and happen to ...
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How to make Bavarian Cream

Bavarian Cream / Bayrische Creme

Bavarian Cream is on almost every menu in Bavaria. It is a delicious dessert that usually comes in the taste of vanilla but can also be made with chocolate or ...
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Sweet and Sour mustard cucumbers

Pickled Sweet & Sour Mustard Cucumbers

Here is another childhood memory: Pickled Sweet & Sour Mustard Cucumbers! It's a very traditional North German recipe. My grandmother used to make them all summer and we'd eat them ...
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chocolate cheescake

Irish Cream Chocolate Cheesecake

An Irish Cream Chocolate Cheesecake literaly is a mouthful! Full of rich taste and with a hint of alcohol it is a fantastic no bake cake without cream cheese. Instead ...
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German Chocolate Kisses

German Chocolate Kisses / Foam Kisses (Schoko-Küsse)

There is not kids party without our German Chocolate Kisses! Whether it’s a birthday, Fastnacht, or a summer party: These sweet treats are a given. They come in different sizes ...
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Pide Bread with Eggplant Feta Spread

Pide Bread with Eggplant Feta Spread

That Turkish stand at the farmers market with pide bread and eggplant feta spread always attracts a large crowd. They hand out samples of their different spreads on a little ...
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Apple Yogurt Swirls

Apple Yogurt Swirls

These Apple Yogurt Swirls will surprise you with a dough that seems to be yeast dough ... but isn't! It is made with a quark oil dough (quark oil dough) ...
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Arugular Feta Crostini

Arugula Feta Crostini

Expecting guests or craving a hearty snack? Arugula Feta Crostini will be exactly what you need! You can make it within minutes and yet I've never met anyone who wouldn't L.O.V.E ...
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Goulash or Gulasch - Hungarian Stew

Goulash or Gulasch – Hungarian Stew

As a freezer meal: Let cool completely, then fill into freezer bags or containers. Freeze for up to 6 weeks ...
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yeast water bread baking

How to Bake Bread with Yeast Water

Many have watched my video about how to make yeast water and were asking how to bake a bread with it. So I decided to make a video and show ...
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How to make Potato Dumplings

How to make Potato Dumplings

Potato dumplings are a very easy side but give each meal a feeling of a holiday. This probably just me, association dumplings with Christmas dinners. When potato dumplings are on ...
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how to make sauerkraut at home from scratch

How to make Sauerkraut

Usually, I am getting my Sauerkraut at the grocery but I as asked to show how to make Sauerkraut the way we do it in Germany. So here is my ...
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Creamy Farfalle Pasta Dish

Creamy Farfalle – Easy Pasta Dish

I secretly call this creamy farfalle dish "Ex-Boyfriend Pasta" since it was brought to me by a (then) boyfriend. I have no idea if it has a "real" name and ...
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German Meat Salad

German Meat Salad – Fleischsalat

There is a seemingly endless variety of cold cuts, cheeses, bread spreads and salads that we put on our German bread and Meat Salad is just one - but extremely ...
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Spaghetti Bolognese

Spaghetti Bolognese

I am well aware that Spaghetti Bolognese is not a traditional German dish. However, it is a very typical dish in Germany and loved by young and old ...
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Beer Toast Recipe

Beer Toast – a German Toast Version

Beer and bread are traditionally enjoyed together in Germany every night. An even better combination is a Beer Toast where the dough contains beer! This makes a fantastic bread! ...
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German Kale Stew

German Kale Stew with Caramelized Potatoes

OK, here is my funny - and sort of embarrassing story about Grünkohl: ...
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Cabbage Rolls

Cabbage Roles – Kohlrouladen

Gift-wrapped meatballs would be a funnier name for Cabbage Rolls but I guess I'll have to go with the regular name. Meatballs wrapped in cabbage leafs are very well known ...
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German Glühwein - Mulled Wine - Recipe

Glühwein – German Mulled Wine from Christmas Markets

Glühwein is the name for our German mulled wine that one can buy at the Christmas market to stay warm. There are hundreds of different recipes but this one is ...
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perfect cinnamon stars

Perfect Cinnamon Stars (Zimtsterne) for Christmas

I can't describe how delicious Cinnamon Stars are! To make the perfect cinnamon stars, you need to try my recipe and method and you will not regret it. This is ...
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Heidesand Recipe

Heidesand – German Shortbread with Browned Butter

Heidesand is a kind of German shortbread, made with browned butter and that is what gives it its unique and wonderful taste! ...
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Apple beignets recipe

Apple Beignets – Apple Cookies

Apple Beignets are a healthy and yet delicious snack for Fall and Winter. They are apple slices in a pancake batter, fried and then turned in a sugar and cinnamon ...
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How to Make Croquettes - Kroketten

How to Make Croquettes – Kroketten

Potato Croquettes are a side dish that we mostly enjoy at celebrations or holidays like Christmas. These delicious, crispy potato rolls are a real treat and loved by kids and ...
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German Poppy Seed Crumble Cake

Poppy Seed Crumble Cake – German Mohnkuchen

This poppy seed cake might look a little weird with the black color but believe me, once you had a bite of it you will be all in for more! ...
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How to make marzipan from scratch

How to Make Marzipan

When I first learned how to make Marzipan, I thought that must be wrong: Only 3 ingredients? That can't be right. But it really is all you ... plus some ...
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Fried Potatoes & Farmers Breakfast

Fried Potatoes & Farmer’s Breakfast

There was a request for Bratkartoffeln which are fried potatoes. I know how to make them very well because I had it at least two to three times a week ...
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Halloween Treat: Burst Cockroaches

Halloween Treat: Burst Cockroaches

These are as delicious as they are creepy! Burst cockroaches are a great Halloween treat to shock your guests - at least if they have some humor ...
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German Kaiser Roll Recipe

German Kaiser Rolls, handcrafted

These are so delicious and if you never had German Kaiser Rolls, let me tell you: The stuff you get at the grocery in the US is a tasteless sponge, ...
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Dampfnoodle Dampfnudel

Dampfnudeln / Germknödel – Sweet Dumplings

Skiing in the Alpes comes with eating Germknödel aka Dampfnundeln! If you've been there up on the mountain for lunch, this food is what gives you all the energy back ...
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How to make Apple Strudel

Apple Strudel – Apfelstrudel

Most people connect Apple Strudel (Apfelstrudel) with Austria or Vienna but its real roots seem to be in Arabia from where it spread to Egypt, then Constantinople (today Istanbul, Turkey) ...
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weisswurst recipe

Weisswurst Saussage – Bavarian Specialty

Weisswurst is just one of the many sausages we have in Germany, but this one is very special! The word Weißwurst or Weisswurst can be translated to white sausage and ...
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Oktoberfest food smoothie bowl

Oktoberfest Smoothie Bowl

An Oktoberfest Smoothie Bowl has been on my mind for weeks and I finally got to make it. There were some preparations though. What's in the bowl and why? Read ...
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German meatloaf

Liver Cheese (German Meatloaf) – Leberkäse

The name Leberkäse or Leberkäs is used for both: The Fleischkäse which is made without liver and the original Leberkäse = Liver Cheese which is made with liver. Not to ...
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Plum Spread, Plum Jam homemade

Plum Jam – German Plum Spread

This is not the plum jam you know in America. It's also rather a plum spread than a plum jam. This spread has a more intense taste and a different ...
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Obatzda Cheese Spread

Obatzda – Bavarian Cheese Spread Recipe

In my last video about Pretzel Muffins, you heard me mentioning Obatzda and maybe you were wondering what that is. Now, it is basically a cheese spread that people in ...
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Pretzel Recipe

Oktoberfest Pretzel Muffins – Brezel Muffins

We probably all agree that fresh-baked pretzels are one of the most delicious things in the world - but a little difficult to eat with butter or Obatzda or cream ...
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Milk Slice Recipe from Kinder

Milk Slice Recipe for Milchschnitten

In this recipe, I will introduce you to a beloved German snack called Milchschnitten, which means Milk Slice. They are mainly meant to be a kids snack but people in ...
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Cucumber Stew Recipe

Cucumber Stew – Gurken-Hack-Eintopf

This German Cucumber Stew was a classic in my childhood. We grew a lot of vegetables in our garden and when cucumbers were ripe, we had this stew every week ...
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Puff Pastries

Cream Puffs with Sweet or Savory Fillings

Cream Puffs are not a German idea. I think it's from France but I'm not an expert. Anyway, in a German bakery, you will often find cream puffs and often ...
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GErman Summer Drinks

5 Most Popular German Summer Drinks

Refreshing German Summer Drinks are the only rescue on hot days in Germany! When the heat hits, there are no Air Conditioners in the houses and apartments. Even restaurants, banks, ...
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German Cucumber Salad Recipe

German Cucumber Salad Recipe

On hot summer days, we Germans like to eat our German Cucumber Salad. It just takes a few quick steps and is served cold as a side salad or as ...
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German Red Fruit Jelly

Rote Grütze – Cold Berry Compote

Cold Berry Compote is a beloved German dessert, especially enjoyed in summer. Its consistency is like a soft pudding and we like to pour some vanilla sauce (custard) on top ...
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Grilled Feta Tomato Ships

Grilled Feta Tomato Ships

Grilled Feta Tomato Ships are very well known as a recipe in Germany. People just give it different names since it doesn't have an official name. I decided on this ...
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South German Potato Salad

South German Potato Salad with Wieners

Germany is divided about potato salad, seriously! There is the "South German Potato Salad" (or Munich Potato Salad) with a vinaigrette and the "Berlin Potato Salad" with mayo - and ...
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asparagus soup recipe

Asparagus Soup Recipe

Asparagus Soup is part of the German Asparagus Mania ... every year in May! About that time, fresh Asparagus comes to our farmer's markets and people go absolutely nuts about ...
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Best Strawberry Cake Recipe

Strawberry Cake, traditional German

This is probably the most made Strawberry Cake in Germany. Everyone is in love with it because it is easy and fast to make and it just taste like fresh ...
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Homemade pasta from scratch

Homemade Pasta from Scratch

So far I haven't met anyone who wouldn't like pasta and making homemade pasta is almost better than eating it! ...
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Liver dumplings liverdumplings leberknödel

Liver Dumplings – Leberknödel

At the request of a viewer, I made this video about Liver Dumplings. We call them Leberknödel in Germany and they are a specialty from the South of our country ...
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Potato Pancakes Latke

Crisp German Potato Pancakes – Latke

As I child I grew up with a lot of German Potato Pancakes. They were delicious and easy to make and would fill the six of us on a dime ...
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Chicken Pot Pie Chicken Ragout

Chicken Pot Pie – Chicken Ragout Fin

I was a little hesitant if I should do this video or not, since Chicken Pot Pie isn't a totally new idea the Americans and probably also British and Australians ...
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Egg Salad Recipe

Egg Salad Recipe – Easy & Delicious

Whether you want your egg salad on a sandwich or for a brunch at Easter, this recipe is failproof, fast and tastes wonderful. It's also very light but not at ...
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eggnog egg schnaps cake easter

Egg Liqueur Cake – Egg Schnaps Cake

If I say the word "Eierlikör Torte" (= Egg Liqueur Cake or Egg Schnaps Cake), the eyes of my father in law instantly start to brighten up and a wide ...
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hearty spinach cake

Hearty Spinach Cake / Spinach Pie

When you think of Cake, you probably expect something sweet but in Germany, Spinach Cake is a hearty meal. When I googled "spinach cake" to get an idea what American spinach ...
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Kaiserschmarren – Shredded Pancakes

Kaiserschmarren (also known as Kaiserschmarrn) is a fluffier version of the German Pancake. It gets shredded at the end and caramelized - yam!  ...
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fried snowballs

Fried Snowballs from Rothenburg

This recipe for fried Snowballs is a regional specialty from a German town, called Rothenburg ob der Tauber. I have never heard of it until a friend at the gym ...
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how to cook pea soup

Split Pea Soup or Stew – Traditional German

My parents hated split pea soup and any kind of stew. They had it a lot during WWII and didn't want to be reminded of their childhood in war. But ...
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Currywurst Recipe Currywurst Sauce Recipe

Currywurst Sauce Recipe

If there is a meal that unites all Germans, despite where in the country they live, it's Currywurst. We all agree that it's the greatest culinary invention ever and insanely ...
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sacher torte sacher cake bites

Sacher Torte Cake Bites (Sweet Valentine)

The legendary Sachertorte or Sacher Torte goes back to the year 1832. There is more than one recipe for it out there, some of them suggesting chocolate pudding mix in the ...
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Königsberger Klopse German Meatballs in sauce

Königsberger Klopse: German Meatballs In Creamy Caper Sauce

As a child I didn't like Königsberger Klopse because of the capers in the sauce and the meatballs. However, as an adult, I learned to really value them ...
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german apple cake with vanilla

German Baked Apple Cake – Bratapfel Cake

This is the recipe for "Altdeutscher Bratapfel Kuchen" which can be translated to "Old German Baked Apple Cake" ...
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Sweet soft dinner rolls recipe

Milk Bread Rolls – Sweet Rolls

Do you like sweet rolls? These German Milk Bread Rolls or Milk Rolls (Milchbrötchen in German) taste like straight from heaven! They are light and fluffy and sweet - and ...
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authentic German Rolls

Authentic German Rolls – Berliner Schrippen

It really took me a while to find this recipe for original German rolls, which turned out perfectly every single time ...
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chicken dish

Traffic Light Dish

What a weird name for a dish, right? Well, here is the story: I used to cook this dish for my kids and it never had a name. Once a ...
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Candied Gingerbread Cookies - Elisen Lebkuchen

Candied Gingerbread Cookies – Elisen Lebkuchen

There must be a reason, why I am already doing a third German Gingerbread Cookie recipe on my blog, right? Maybe I really, really like Gingerbread? Must be it! ...
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German Schmalzgebaeck

Schmalzgebäck – German Fried Pastry

"It just smells like at the Christmas market!", said my husband when he came downstairs while I was making the Schmalzgebäck ...
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Caramelized Almonds - Gebrannte Mandeln

Caramelized Almonds – Gebrannte Mandeln

End of November, Christmas Markets pop up everywhere in Germany with the delicious scent of caramelized almonds. Everyone loves going there and getting some mulled wine, a paper cone of caramelized almonds, some ...
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Snowflake – Hot Verpoorten Egg Schnaps

Even in Texas it can get cold and the most delicious way to get warm after a stroll in the cold, is drinking an egg schnapps "Snowflake" ...
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elderberry soup

Elderberry Soup – Fliederbeersuppe

Elderberry soup is packed with a lot of vitamins and for me also with lots of memories. My grandmother cooked this soup for us children in fall and we all ...
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onion cake - Zwiebelkuchen - onion tart

Onion Cake – Zwiebelkuchen

Thinking of cake usually something sweet comes to our mind but onion cake or onion tart is no dessert. Onion cake (Zwiebelkuchen) is a German fall dish that is usually ...
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kohlrabi recipe in white sauce

Kohlrabi in White Sauce

Every time I buy Kohlrabi here in Houston, the cashier asks me what it is so they can look it up for the price. Every time I tell them: "It's ...
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perfect chocolate cake

The Perfect Chocolate Cake – flourless!

Who wouldn't like chocolate cake, right? Bring a Chocolate cake to a party and you can't go wrong with it. It's a no-brainer. Safe choice. But if you want to ...
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Oktoberfest Roast Chicken

Oktoberfest Roast Chicken – Wiesn Hendl

You might think that everyone eats Wurst (sausage) at the Oktoberfest but that is not the case. Though there are sausages and people will most certainly eat them, the "real" ...
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Creamed Sauerkraut

Creamed Sauerkraut – German Version

This is the best sauerkraut you will ever eat! It has a soft and smooth texture and a very mild taste. The secret is not only the cream but also ...
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Palatschinken filled german pancakes

Palatschinken – Pancakes with Sweet Filling

With the recipe for German Pancakes, you can easily make filled Palatschinken. I learned this from my grandmother in Augsburg and she learned it from her cook who was from Hungary ...
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Maultaschen how to

Maultaschen – Swabian Filled Pasta (Ravioli)

If I translate the word Maultaschen to English, it would be mouth pockets. Weird! They are basically filled pasta, cooked in a broth. You could compare them with ravioli but ...
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traditional italian pizza dough

Italian Pizza with Salami

I came across this recipe last week. Italian pizza is something I really miss so I had to try it and ... man, this was good! ...
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Apricot Cake

Apricot Cake with Almond Crust

When I came across this Apricot Cake recipe the first time, I knew I would have to bake it. You know, one browses recipes and often thinks "Huh, that looks ...
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Schupfnudeln – Potato Noodle Recipe

Schupfnudeln or Potato Noodle is a sort of German Potato Dumpling from the region of Baden-Würtemberg which is in the South-West of Germany ...
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herb butter

Herb Butter & Herb Quark

Herbs have a big part in the German cuisine. Two of the most used herb recipes are Herb Butter and Herb Quark. But let me tell you a little bit about ...
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how to make quark from whole milk

Make Quark from Whole Milk Kefir

I found an easy way to make Quark from whole milk kefir and in my opinion it tastes absolutely delicious and much better than Quark from buttermilk. The buttermilk version ...
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Rum Pot

Traditional German Rum Pot – Rumtopf

Each year, lots of Germans start a Rum Pot during the summer months and enjoy the fruits of their work by the end of the year. This sort of "long-term ...
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Black Forest Cake with Strawberries

Easy Black Forest Cake with Strawberries

The Black Forest Cake is world famous and usually requires quite a bit of work. This easy Blackforest Cake is a variation with less decoration but all the great taste ...
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Matjes Herring German

Matjes Herring in Cream Sauce

Here comes a typical spring meal from the North: Matjes Herring in Cream Sauce! The word "Matjes" comes from the Dutch and it means "maiden". It refers to the young virgin ...
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German Schnitzel

Quick Schnitzel with Hunter Sauce

Think of German food, what comes to your mind first: Sausage or Schnitzel? Either way, this is the food most Americans know if I ask them what German food they ...
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German Rye Bread

German Rye-Wheat Bread with Sourdough: Mischbrot

This authentic German rye bread is made with sourdough and has many names: Some call it Mischbrot (mixed bread), some call it Graubrot (grey bread) and others call it Roggenbrot ...
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Boeuf Stroganoff - Beef Stroganoff

Boeuf Stroganoff – Beef Stroganoff

A visitor of my blog asked me about the recipe for Boeuf Stroganoff. Nothing easier than that! I will happily consider every request and try to publish the recipe and ...
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German tartar sauce

German Tartar Sauce or Remoulade Sauce – Remouladensauce

Never heard of "The" German Tartar Sauce? Well, some German dishes are very regional and those from Bavaria are best known by tourists. But places in the North have very ...
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German Cheesecake

Very Vanilla German Cheesecake – Vanille Käsekuchen

My Vanilla German Cheesecake is - hands down - the best! It's light and fresh and so vanilla-tasting, you'll think you are in heaven. Other than the famous New York ...
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how to make Quark

How to make Quark from buttermilk

When Germans live abroad they have two big concerns: The first one is about getting good bread and the second is about finding Quark in a grocery. Quark is kind ...
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christmas goose recipe

Roasted Goose with Apricot Stuffing

Some of you might have followed my facebook "documentary" of my roasted goose cooking on Thanksgiving. As I already stated there, since we are only four people and turkey is ...
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bell pepper quiche

Bell Pepper Quiche with goat cheese

Bell Pepper Quiche is not really a traditional German recipe but since bell pepper is such a healthy vegetable (lots of vitamin C!!!) and my kids like it, this is ...
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Easter Bread

Easter Bread – Osterzopf / Hefezopf

I am baking this Easter Bread for about 25 years and everyone loves it. Fill your house with the scent of this wonderful bread! ...
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red cabbage

Authentic German Red Cabbage – Rotkohl

A typical German main dish has the components: Meat, potatoes (carbs), and a vegetable side. Red Cabbage is a frequent side for a Sunday roast but if you think of ...
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Tangerine Cheesecake

Tangerine Cheesecake

"Oh Tangerine Cheesecake, you look and taste soooooo gooooood!" Fresh and delicious - just right for a hot summer day ...
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Recipe for Tilapia

Tilapia in Orange Sauce

Not a fish fan? You might change your mind about that! This delicious tilapia recipe has been my absolute favorite at our Italien restaurant in Germany and I believe I've ...
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Apple Gnocchi

Apple Gnocchi

For those busy weeknights, for the kids, for fun or just for "desert for dinner" ... quick fix with vitamins! ...
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Lebkuchen / German Gingerbread Cookies

Lebkuchen / German Gingerbread Cookies

Homemade Lebkuchen is something you really MUST try! These cookies are a favorite every Christmas ... and even after. They taste like nothing you have had before but you will ...
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German Vanilla sauce

Vanillesauce / Vanilla Sauce

Often sweet dishes and desserts come with a vanilla sauce in Germany. While one can buy it in Germany like in a milk jug, ...
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Lasagna - veggies included

Lasagna – veggies included

"How do I get those vegetables into my kids?" Some parents mash them into pasta sauce, others bake a cake with zucchini and just give up. Since my kids - ...
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Pumpkin Mash - Kürbisbrei

Pumpkin Mash – Kürbisbrei

I love the summer and when fall comes around the corner the only thing that cheers me up about it is the pumpkin season. But it's not about any pumpkin, ...
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German Bread

German Bread: Pasching’s Farmer Bread

Like every German I am of cause obsessed with bread. And like every German who has moved to another country, this is what I miss the most when it comes ...
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Quick Tortellini Dish

Some days it just has to got fast with cooking ... well actually that applies to most of our days. This recipe is very quick and requires just a very ...
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Cheese Spaetzle Käsespätzle

German Cheese Spaetzle / Käsespätzle

We got stuck on a mountain during a heavy thunderstorm in the Alpes and gladly made it into a hut that was also a restaurant. We sat down ... damp and a ...
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Popcorn - German Style

Popcorn – German Style

German Popcorn is - other than the American version - fat-free and sweet. It might resemble kettle corn but is still different ...
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Eating "Weißwurst" the right way

Eating “Weißwurst” the right way

Weißwurst (notice the letter "ß", called "eszet" and spoken with a sharp "s" sound) is a Bavarian sausage and there is quite a bit of weird traditions about it. If ...
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german pretzel recipe

Brezeln – German Pretzel Recipe

Homemade Pretzels, fresh from the oven? Yes, please! It's not difficult at all but requires an additional step before baking: putting the Pretzels in hot soda water. Here is how ...
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German Plum Crumble Cake

Plum Cake with crumbles – traditional German

Every year, about the end of August, I find sugar plums at the grocery and immediately go bananas! I buy them all - no plum left behind!!! It's the kind ...
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Frikadellen recipe

Frikadellen – Meat Balls

Before we talk about the Frikadellen recipe, let me tell you some interesting things about "Frikadellen" aka "Fleischklops", "Fleischpflanzerl", or "Bulette" - it depends on the region how you call ...
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Knoedel Knödel Semmelknödel

Semmelknödel – dumplings from rolls

Actually I hadn't planned to introduce you to "Semmelknödel" (dumplings from rolls) before late September but my daughter kept begging for them despite the hot weather. Now, since a few ...
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apple cake

German Apple Cake – Apfelkuchen (1)

Cake and coffee is for Germans like Toast and Tea for the English. It is a kind of a meal in between lunch and dinner and some people take it ...
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Stuffed Bell Peppers - gefüllte Paprika

Stuffed Bell Peppers – gefüllte Paprika

Red, yellow, orange ... but never green - that's how we like our bell peppers! Filled with ground beef and cooked until juicy and soft, paired with some rice ...
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How to cook rice the right way

How to cook rice the right way

Credit to the brand "Riceselect" ...
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German Pancakes - Pfannkuchen

German Pancakes – Pfannkuchen

There is nothing like the scent of fresh German pancakes in the kitchen! Here is how countless German moms made them... not even using a recipe but I have one ...
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Schweinies - Piggies (German Pork Sandwich)

Schweinies – Piggies (German Pork Sandwich)

There is a restaurant in Hamburg, called "Schweinske". It's very popular and almost all of their dishes are with pork. Over the years they got so successful, that there is a ...
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Quark-Brötchen - Easy Rolls

Quark-Brötchen – Easy Rolls

These quick rolls are made with "Quark"*. They are easy and fast - just perfect for a Sunday morning breakfast.  Though you won't find Quark easily in the US, you ...
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